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43. Zachias7 Fuller (Timothy S.6, Timothy5, Daniel4, Daniel3, Jonathan2, Robert1) was born in Fort Ann, Washingto co., NY 19 Oct 1796. Zachias died 1885 at 88 years of age.

He married Abigail Eliza Durham. Abigail was born 1802. Abigail died 1883 at 81 years of age.

Zachias Fuller and Abigail Eliza Durham had the following children:

child 60 i. Abigail8 Fuller was born 1819. She married three times. She married Rufus Durham. She married Charles Price. She married Josiah Durham.

child 61 ii. James Valentine Fuller was born 1821.

child 62 iii. Anna Elvira Fuller was born 1823. Anna died 1900 at 77 years of age. She married Orlin McCumber ca. 1844.

child 63 iv. DeWitt Clinton Fuller was born 1825. DeWitt died 1894 at 69 years of age. He married twice. He married Margeana Fuller. Margeana was born in Venango twp., Erie co., PA 1834. Margeana was the daughter of Charles M. Fuller and Sophronia. Margeana died 1875 at 41 years of age. He married Mrs. Delia Webster.

child 64 v. Sally A. Fuller was born 1827.

child 65 vi. Elizabeth M. Fuller was born 1829.

child 66 vii. James Durham Fuller was born 16 Aug 1830. James died 1909 at 78 years of age. He married twice. He married Lucia M. Felton. He married Mary A. Maguire Mar 1854.

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