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 Hardwulf´s Path

(Anglo-Saxon:  Heardwulfstig)
A Hardesty Genealogy


On 26 May 2003, we lost one of our cousins, Officer Patrick K. Hardesty of the Tucson, AZ, Police Department, was killed by gunfire in the line of duty. He is survived by his wife, three children, parents, two sisters, and a brother, Ed Hardesty, who is also an officer on the Tucson Police force.

Patrick and his siblings are my third cousins, and are the descendants of Joseph Paul2 Hardesty.

Cousin Pat's memorial page is on-line at the Officer Down Memorial Page, Inc. website.

The  Hardesty  name is  one of that class of surnames which are derived from place names.    In this case, from a locality in the West  Riding  of  Yorkshire,  England.   The  name  is, as  shown above,  Heardwulfstig,  which  being  translated   into  modern English from the Anglo-Saxon, means Hardwolf's Path.  Who was Hardwolf??   He was, apparently, a Saxon  landowner of pre-Norman times in Fewston  Parish,  Yorkshire.    Hardwolf  was  in   time  spelled Hardulf or Hardolf.  The Poll Tax records for the West Riding of Yorkshire in the year 1379 show a Stephanus and a Johannes de Hardolfsty,  both  from  the village of  Timble Great,  or  Great Timble  as  it  is known today.  From Fewston, Hardestys spread into surrounding  parishes,  with  the  parish  of  Hampsthwaite being one of the major sources of  the colonial  Hardestys.   The family has spread from this  small  parish  to  around the world. The  name  is  variously  spelled Hardesty, Hardisty, Hardestye, Hardistye, Hardestey and Hardester, etc.  A coat-of-arms is known for the name.

This particular  branch of the family tree  is currently a broken branch, with  no  connection  to  any  of  the main  stems.  The oldest member which we have so far been able to identify is James Hardesty who was born in Ohio in either 1817 or 1819 and died in Louisa co.,  Iowa, in  1859.   He married Mary Ann Tuttle 10 June 1839  in  Fountain  co.,  Indiana.   They had the seemingly required large family.   Son William Marion Hardesty said there were 13 children in all, including a set of triplets.  Of these, we have identified ten, and we strongly suspect that the triplets did not survive.

As  always,  a  project  such  as this could not be  done  without help.   Among  those  who  have  contributed  to this work (and continue to do so), I  take  especial  pleasure  in  naming  these particular  individuals:   the late Lurana Jayne  (Hardesty) Yekel, who with our late cousin Vera  Rosella  (Hardesty)  Calapp,  got  the ball rolling.   To Janet Tinnin  we  owe  our  knowledge  of the family  and  descendants of Joseph Paul Hardesty. Lest I forget, Frank Sawyer has also been of great assistance.  There are many more who have contributed and I wish I could  name  them  all, but space does not permit it.  Yet their  contribution was and is essential, and we could not continue without it.  Thank you one and all ! !

UPDATE: I am currently in the process of adding information provided me by the descendants of several of James' daughters. We found them by virtue of this web site. It is always good to find new cousins!

Correspondence about Hardesty genealogy is welcome.  Drop us a line.

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